Dog & Cat Transport from Bangkok to The UK

To travel with your pets from Bangkok to England there are several different options available.

Transporting dogs and cats from Thailand to England can be done easily, as long as you have the time and funds to prepare all the paperwork and organise transportation.


Direct flights, with your pet traveling as cargo, is the quickest but most expensive choice. Your pet can travel on any dog-friendly airline and must be received at Heathrow Airport and paperwork checked there. The approximate cost for this is around £2500-£3500 per pet.


It is possible for someone else to accompany your pet as far as Paris or Amsterdam, and then you can drive to meet your pet and bring them back to the UK yourself via car (we recommend Dover – Calais) or as a foot passenger (Hook of Holland to Harwich).


The flights can be as little as 75USD per pet, but you should also factor in costs to pick up your pet in Europe and take them into the UK. Approximate cost for this method is around £250 – £1000, depending on what route you take from Europe to the UK and if you do the journey yourself or hire a pet transporter to pick your pet up from the airport.


You must be flying on a pet-friendly airline from Bangkok to either Paris or Amsterdam. You must then make the journey by land and sea to get to the UK. Costs are the same as finding a friend flying and are usually a maximum of £1000.


We specialise in “flyers for hire” who are able to fly between Bangkok and the UK on your behalf. We have our own team of dedicated flyers who are experts in their field, and also sometimes recruit other flyers with confirmed tickets out of Thailand to ensure we can meet demand. 

Our flyers often use their time in Thailand to volunteer at different dog sanctuaries, rescues and initiatives and every trip creates revenue which is then donated to different dog and cat sanctuaries. The cost for trips is a set rate, so please get a quote using our quote calculator to find out the exact costs. 

However you chose to transport your pet back to the UK, you must always remember that deworming is compulsory and must not be later than 5 days before the arrival time in the UK. This is exact to the minute!