Rescuers are always in need of dedicated Foster Carers.


Are you ready to open your heart and home to a special dog, again and again?

Love dogs, but want to do something a little EXTRA special?


Join the Foster Team Register and support a Rescuer needing assistance in your area.


It is essential for new rescue arrival to have a safe space to decompress and find themselves again after such a huge upheaval.


But as Rescuers are often busy “in the field” doing the dirty work of dog rescue and rehabilitation, it can be difficult for them to build their foster network.


It can be exceptionally hard for Rescuers to do everything! And they need YOUR help. 

What are the costs involved?


We do not ask Foster’s to pay adoption fees, however it is always very helpful when Foster staff can help with fundraising and taking great photos and videos of their new Foster dog! So really, you just pay with love!

What is the procedure?


Once you have completed the easy registration form, your details will be added to a database accessible to trusted and vetted Rescuers who need Foster help in your area and circumstance.


Once you are matched with a Rescuer, all co-ordination is between you and the Rescuer.

How long do dogs generally stay in Foster?


Every dog is different, however the minimum you should expect would be 3 – 4 weeks to allow the dog to settle after the journey and become comfortable with the new sounds and smells of the new country they have found themselves in. 

Can I permanently adopt my Foster?


Rescuers are often over the moon when they experience a “Foster-Fail” – where you fall so deeply in love with your new dog that you can’t bare to part from them! They just fit so perfectly into the family!


In this case, you would simply have to clear this with the rescuer and pay the adoption fee directly to them to secure the adoption. 

Are you ready to join the Foster Team Register?

Our Mission

Our mission is to work alongside both rescues and adopters with the aim to find their Pawfect Adoption Match, based on compatibility.


Adopt My Pawfect Match aims to reduce the number of homeless pets by finding forever families for these wonderful animals


We also aim to provide ongoing support to adopters by offering guidance, expertise advertises and ensuring you’ve got all of the right accessories to keep you’re pooch safe and comfortable.