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What's Included?

We offer full-service pet transport from Bangkok to the UK and Europe.

🐾 All paperwork required for travel, including livestock service

🐾 Full e-mail support pre-departure

🐾 Transport from Bangkok airport to most UK/European airport destinations

🐾 Journey tracked with GPS for your peace of mind

🐾 Vet check and De-worming pre-departure

🐾 Boarding of your pet before the flight (max 3 nights)

🐾 Pet Taxi to Bangkok airport on Departure day and full check-in service

🐾 Full updates, including photos, to your phone throughout the journey

🐾 Donation towards one of the many dog rescuers helping animals in Thailand

Additional Costs

🐾 Rabies Titer Test

🐾 Vaccinations and Microchip

🐾 Airline crate (free delivery to any address in Thailand)

🐾 Additional nights boarding if needed

We also provide a SAVE ME service, where we take dogs directly from the street and to the Animal Army clinic for rehabilitation, spay/neuter, vaccination, microchipping and Rabies Titre Test. We then live with the dogs at our dedicated Foster homes until the paperwork clears, and then fly them to you in the UK.

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