Home-Before-Home Foster House

While on a trip to Thailand to collect dogs for transportation, we were struck by the very real tragedy of dogs dying or become dangerously sick or injured while awaiting flights home.

The streets of Thailand may be where these dogs come from, but it is not where they belong.

Poison, traffic accidents, attacks from humans and other animals, electrocutions, snares, the list goes on as to why these dogs need removing from the street as soon as a suitable home is found. 

Dogs and cats must not be left on the street when they can be saved.

The risk is simply too high. 

In March 2020, Action For Dogs opened our first Foster Home – a safe house, “Home-Before-Home”, for adopted dogs and injured strays. 


We have affordable, limited spaces available for foster dogs, and it is these adopter-funded spaces that allow us to continue to support rescue work, all over Thailand.


We offer a safe and loving environment to emergency cases, and then assist with the adoption and transportation of these lucky rescue survivors to their new homes.


Your own rescue is welcome to join the family, there is a lot of space to play and socialise, and also plenty of spaces to hide away and relax if needed. We even have a river to swim in, right alongside the house!

Send your dog on an adventure!

Reserve a Space for Your Dog

If you need a foster placement for your dog, please let us know as far in advance as possible and we will do our best to meet your needs. Sorry, but at this time we do not have facilities to house cats, but we are actively working on this! 

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