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Acclimating Your Rescue Dog/Cat to Their Travel Crate

Hey there, fellow pet adventurers!

So, you’re planning a trip and you’re bringing your rescue pup along for the adventure. That’s pawsome! 🐾 Air travel can be a little daunting for both humans and dogs, but with some preparation and patience, you can make this experience as smooth as possible for your furry friend. Today, we’re going to chat about how to acclimate your rescue dog to their travel crate, so they feel comfortable and safe during the journey.

Step 1: Choose the Right Crate

The first step is finding the perfect crate for your pup. Make sure it’s airline-approved and the right size for your dog. They should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. You want them to feel cozy but not cramped. Bonus tip: Opt for a crate with good ventilation and a secure door latch to ensure your pup’s safety.

Step 2: Make It Feel Like Home

Introduce the crate to your dog in a familiar environment, such as your living room. Place a comfy blanket or bed inside along with their favourite toys and treats. Encourage your dog to explore and enter the crate on their own terms by leaving the door open. The goal is to make the crate feel like a safe and inviting space.

Step 3: Create Positive Associations

Spend time playing crate games and rewarding your dog for spending time in their new den. You can feed them meals or give them treats inside the crate to create positive associations. Remember to be patient and give your dog plenty of praise and encouragement. The process might take days or even weeks, but it’s important not to rush it.

Step 4: Gradually Increase Crate Time

Once your dog feels comfortable entering and exiting the crate, start closing the door for short periods. Gradually increase the time they spend inside with the door closed. This will help your dog get used to the idea of being in the crate with the door shut, which is crucial for air travel. Don’t forget to reward your pup with praise and treats for their cooperation!

Step 5: Practice Car Rides

Before embarking on your air travel adventure, it’s a good idea to practice car rides with the crate. This will get your dog used to the motion and sounds of traveling. Start with short trips and gradually work up to longer journeys. Ensure that the crate is securely fastened in the vehicle, and provide plenty of breaks for your dog to stretch their legs, have a drink, and relieve themselves.

Step 6: Keep Calm and Carry On

On the day of the flight, keep your routine as normal as possible. Make sure your dog is well-exercised and has a chance to go potty before they enter the crate. Speak in a calm and reassuring tone to help them feel at ease. If your dog is particularly anxious, consult with your veterinarian about whether a mild sedative or an anxiety vest could be helpful.

Remember, every dog is different, and it may take time for your rescue pup to become completely comfortable with their travel crate. Be patient, consistent, and positive, and soon enough, your dog will be ready to embark on their first air travel adventure with you!

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