Paris to UK

Pet Transport Options Explained

Dog & Cat Transport from Paris to UK

To travel with your pets from France to England there are several different options available.

The quick trip over from France to England is one of the easiest journeys out there. Whether you go by plane, train or car it takes just a few hours and you can do it with relative ease. Add your four-legged friend into the mix and it gets way more complicated.

We’ve looked at the best options for transporting your dog or cat from Paris to the UK and break it down so it’s easier to understand and plan your journey. 



A long car journey with a dog is awesome for many reasons. Who doesn’t like 5+ hours of stinky dog breath and multiple unplanned toilet breaks? It’s bonding, right?

That said, travelling by car is one of the easier options. You are in control of the journey (apart from the crossing) and can take breaks whenever you, or your dog needs.

When it comes to crossing the Channel by car you can go via the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle or Ferry.

Le shuttle operates from Calais to Folkstone and your dog must remain locked in your vehicle for the 35-minute train journey. There are dedicated pet exercise areas at each end of the tunnel so you can let your pooch out for a toilet break before your onward journey. This is the quicker option and doesn’t run the risk of seasickness for your dog (although you can’t rule out travel sickness in general!).

Alternatively, you can take the Calais to Dover ferry but be aware that the rules (and cost) vary between ferry companies. On the majority of ferries, you must leave your dog locked in the car for the duration of the crossing and cannot return to check on them during this time. This can be stressful for some dogs, especially during a rough crossing, as they are alone in unfamiliar surroundings. There’s always the risk that you’ll return to your car to find a very unhappy dog and even a bit of a mess if they needed the toilet or got sick during the trip.



It is possible to take your dog on public transport for the entire journey from France to England. It’s a great adventure but takes a lot of planning and can be pretty stressful. There’s no fear like knowing your dog desperately wants to go to the toilet and you have another hour left on the train.

On long-distance trains in France dogs of all sizes are allowed to travel. Dogs under 6kg should be in a suitable container and larger dogs must be leashed and muzzled. In England, dogs are allowed for free on trains and must be leashed or contained.

When it gets to the crossing, your options are limited. The only ferry service that allows dogs to be taken as foot passengers (not in a vehicle) is the DFDS Seaways Dieppe to Newhaven ferry. Dogs must be in their crates when entering the ferry and are left in kennels on the car deck. You can’t visit them during the four-hour journey. 

Since you can’t take dogs (except guide dogs) on the Eurostar, your only other crossing option is to hire a normal taxi for you and your dog and use Le shuttle. You must often pay for the return journey of the taxi, so this is an expensive route although there are some taxi companies that offer this specific service.



Unless you have a private jet to hand this is probably the least convenient and most expensive option, so we won’t go into too much detail.

You are limited as to which airline carriers take dogs and the ones that do will only take them in the hold. In addition to an expensive ticket and airline approved dog crate, you also must arrive a long time in advance and wait for your pet at the other end, paying a customs clearance fee when your pet arrives.



A purpose-built pet taxi and dedicated dog handler pick up your dog in Paris. Doggo travels in total luxury while you make your journey separately. Doggo arrives at your house in England happy and refreshed. It’s that simple. It’s also perfect if you aren’t traveling with your dog, for example, if they’re in France (or landing in France) and you’re already in England.

Whilst it sounds a relatively new concept, our pet taxi has been operating for many years and has perfected the art of transporting dogs in a relaxing and comfortable way. Your dog has its own crate in a temperature-controlled vehicle and is frequently checked on by our experienced dog carers. The van uses the same dog-friendly stops during each journey to give all passengers a rest, check they are well, and get those tails wagging with a sneaky hotdog treat! The vehicle is GPS tracked and has escape-proof harnesses to ensure that your dog feels secure and to give you peace of mind.

The pet taxi offers a doorstep service and a completely stress-free option. We pick up your pet in Paris and deliver them right to your home so they can get settled in straight away. Your dog is accompanied the entire way by a dedicated member of our team of hardcore dog lovers and dog rescuers, caring for dogs is their passion – not just a job.

The team has years of experience traveling with dogs of all shapes and sizes both on this route and Internationally, so they truly are the pet transport experts. Any issues that may arise during the trip such as delayed ferries/trains, pet sickness (yes, they get to travel-sick too) or little toilet accidents can be handled quickly and professionally by the team thanks to their dog knowledge, connections in both France and England and their overall compassion for animals.

If your dog deserves the best, then contact us and speak to our team to discuss options and get a quote. Take the stress out of pet travel and give your pet a great travel experience that just can’t be achieved in the back of the car or wedged under a train seat!