What's the Best Toy for Rescue Dogs?

Struggling to find a toy your rescue dog enjoys?

We may have found a solution...

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A dog crate, escape-proof-harness, smart new collar, and a water bowl are the first essential items that any rescue dog adopter invests in before their dog gets home, but what about toys?

Many street dogs have never played fetch before, have never chased a tennis ball, and are inherently scared of the action of a stick being thrown. It can be a challenge for new rescue dog owners to find toys that engage their dog, instead of simply scaring them away!

In our experience, we have gone through countless stuffed toys (ignored), oversized balls (burst), tug-of-war toys (tug of what?), and treat dispensers with little to no interest shown by our rescues.

And then we discovered Tug-e-Nuff.

Tug-e-Nuff is an online pet shop specializing in indestructible dog toys with a positive outcome! You can choose from a range of dog ropes to dog treats and toys and provide the perfect toy that your Rescue loves the most. Made with materials and textures that even the most stubborn rescue dog can’t resist, their vast selection hasn’t let us down!

Not all dogs play the same.

Every dog has a unique personality and a unique play style. Different behaviours and play styles often call for different toys.

Where some dogs enjoy a game of fetch or a throw around with a tennis ball, others need more motivational and engaging toys to stimulate them and wear them out.

It’s important to pinpoint the most favourable toy to get the most playtime and training for your pooch! The more they like a toy is, the happier they’re going to be!

They’ll also be more distracted from engaging in another mischief too.

Are dog toys essential?

Does my Rescue require them? Absolutely!

Dog toys may seem very simple, but they are an essential aspect of any dogs wellbeing, exercise regimen and life. By having the right toys and accessories, you can work on building your remarkable relationship through a variety of techniques. Even though dog toys are misconceived as being only fun little extras, they really are so much more than that!

Remember, everything is completely new to them. They are in new territory with unfamiliar smells and sounds. Their way of life here differs completely from the existence they have always known. Some may have had a perfectly happy life, whereas others might have experienced trauma or been mistreated. It’s substantial to have patience and understanding about your rescue. Finding out their toy preferences is all part of the fun.

Can dogs toys help with behavioural problems?

Many behavioural problems in dogs result from boredom, excess energy, or experiences.

Your rescue could suffer from separation anxiety while you have to pop out, or maybe he/she is a trusty guard dog and barks at the door.

Both behaviours can be worked on by positive reinforcement training and having the necessary toys & accessories at hand.



‘While waiting for our delivery I knew Kali was going to love her new fur-tastic toys straight away. However, I never imagined she would love them as much as she does! Kali is 3 years old with a very high prey drive and lots of energy. She gets walked 2-3 times a day, and it still doesn’t tire her out.

With the clocks going back in the UK recently, unfortunately, means our walks are going to get a lot shorter. Now I am over the moon Kali has a toy that she really focusses her attention on and spends hours on end playing with. We received Bright Fauxtastic and Rabbit Skin Chaser Tug and I bet you can guess which one she prefers? Yes, you’ve got it! The Rabbit Skin Chaser Tug.

Kali is obsessed.

Whether I am on the other end tugging away, or she is ragging it around herself, she can’t get enough of it. She even takes it under her arm in the night for snuggles!

Kali isn’t a dog for playing ball or fetch, she is more of a hunter and a runner so I knew these toys would be perfect for her!!

Thank you Tug-e-Nuff for the pawfect toy!!’

Sattahip Rescue Dog | Foster House