Join The Team!

Volunteering in Sattahip, Thailand

Animal Lovers Only!

You will see how we work together and become a part of the Army marching onwards and making a difference to homeless animals.  
  • Volunteer at a busy Veterinary Clinic
  • Meet forever and foster dogs at the ActionForDogs Safe House
  • Spend plenty of time at the beach with your new friends
  • Explore local cultural landmarks, temples and natural attractions
  • Feed street dogs in need and understand common issues

What’s Included?

All Volunteers live together in shared accommodation next door to the Animal Army Clinic. These houses are where the ActionForDogs Foster Dogs live, and where Animal Army’s Disabled Dogs receive around the clock care, so part of your role is caring and loving on all the dogs as though they are your own! 
You will also be provided with uniform which should be worn whenever you are on site. 
There are cooking facilities. Lunch and snacks will be provided. 
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A Unique Experience

Join the Ranks at Animal Army

See what it takes to run a busy Veterinary Hospital in Thailand. Meet the patients, make enrichment and toys and spend time with puppies staying short term at the clinic. 

Experience the ActionforDogs Safe House 

Access all areas to our Safe House and Headquarters where you will meet our team, resident and adoptable dogs and see how we run Thailands Original Flight Nanny service for Rescues! 

Bond over Beach Picnics and Cleanups with the Foster Dogs

Head out to the beach as a group with your favourite Foster Dogs and improve the surroundings for everyone with impromptu beach cleanups.

Jump into Stray Dog Feeding and Temple Tours

Experience first-hand how street feeders keep street dog colonies alive. Help locate and feed dogs in need while exploring Thailand’s hidden Temple complexes.

How does my participation make a difference?

Your invaluable support will keep the Animal Army Ambulance active on the streets and emergency intake high at the hospital, assist Action for Dogs to rehabilitate and get adopted street animals to forever homes, aid the great work at other local shelters, buy food for homeless animals… and much more.

Who is this best suited for?

We appeal to anyone who would like to make a tangible improvement to animal welfare while they are visiting Thailand. 

Professionals and pet lovers will all experience activities and challenges that will further enable them to continue with their passion of helping animals in need.

Is there a cost?

CURRENTLY FREE. We will be introducing a weekly fee of 1800THB in 2024, so sign up now to make the most of the experience for free as we learn and grow together!

This experience is exclusive, unique and ONLY for avid animal lovers.

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This experience is perfect if you are a:

❤️ Vet or VN/VT ❤️ Dog Behaviourist or Trainer ❤️ Animal Welfare Professional and Advocate ❤️ Stray Pet Parent ❤️ Future Paw Parent ❤️ Dog and Cat Lover!

“I loved it so much that I came back for the second time as well, making it almost a month in total 😊 I am really glad I found you guys!”


“To be able to engage with the dogs (and some cats!) and work alongside the vets and staff was very rewarding. Those people are angels and doing great things for these animals in Sattahip. I’m lucky to have been a small part of it!”


“It was absolutely incredible to be a part of the team, even if only for a couple weeks. We got to know the dogs far better than we ever thought we would, and really felt like we were making a positive difference in the world. Everyone was lovely and we miss it a lot!”